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My passion is creating simple, easy and effective user experiences. 

18+ years translating business requirements and user objectives into successful interactive designs across many platforms. Defender of the consumer, wrangler of business interests and personal opinions. Focused on strategy, execution and measurable results for exceptional consumer experience. 

Hands-on, pixel-perfect, collaborative, relationship builder. Core skills include UX strategy, information architecture, user-centered iterative design, journey mapping and prototyping, creative direction, and team and project management.

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“Any fool can make things bigger, more complex… It takes a touch of genius—and a lot of courage—to move in the opposite direction.”



AETNA | 2010 | UX STRATEGY & DESIGN • Led the user experience work to create a mobile version of Aetna’s secure website for members, giving users a better way to review claims, search for doctors, and compare prices. The “mobile first” approach also meant simplifying the existing web experience, which had become bloated from conflicting requirements of multiple internal stakeholders.
TEACHING CHANNEL | 2012 | UX & VISUAL DESIGN • Led user experience and visual design to create a mobile version of the Teaching Channel website.
BSWIFT | 2016 | UX STRATEGY & DESIGN • Created a mobile prototype for a “Messaging and Alerts” platform and “Benefits Dashboard” to help people make better financial decisions about their health care, meeting a critical demand in light of increased consumer responsibility.
AETNA | 2015 | UX STRATEGY •  Provided creative leadership for a multi-day, cross-departmental “Brainstorm and Vision” workshop on a mobile-first, future vision to integrate Aetna’s many disparate digital consumer tools. Then synthesized the results that paved the way to secure funding to tackle the massive project.
MFOUNDRY | 2009 | UX & VISUAL DESIGN • Streamlined and finalized the user experience for one of the earliest mobile wallet apps, which was then branded for Alltel, t-Mobile, and others.


AETNA | 2015 | UX STRATEGY & DESIGN • Created a prototype to pitch a best-in-class online shopping platform for Aetna. It brought a familiar consumer experience to health insurance shopping, including controls to filter and sort results. A recommendation engine used imported data to guide shoppers to the best plan options based on their needs and claims history.
AETNA | 2013 | UX STRATEGY & VISUAL DESIGN • When the Affordable Care Act took effect, I worked with stakeholders across Aetna to design the consumer interaction flows across, Aetna's custom DocFind tools, and the state exchanges. My redesign of the home page guided visitors to the appropriate shopping destination.
AETNA | 2008 | UX STRATEGY & DESIGN •  Collaborated with the Aetna Pharmacy business team, mail order fulfillment centers, IT and visual designers to map and wireframe the flow of online commerce (ordering refills) for the Aetna Mail Order Pharmacy.
AETNA | 2009 | UX STRATEGY & VISUAL DESIGN • Collaborated with multiple stakeholders across the company to create Aetna’s first web pages targeting individual consumers. (Previously a B2B company, a lot was riding on Aetna’s first foray into the consumer market. My consumer experience was very welcome!)
BSWIFT | 2015 | UX & VISUAL DESIGN • Led user experience design to enhance bswift’s guided health plan shopping process. Shoppers can now easily look up their doctors, hospitals, and prescriptions to see which plans cover them. The new features passed usability testing on the first review, with no changes.


AETNA | 2009-2014 | UX DESIGN • As the Lead UX Designer for Aetna’s secure member website, I worked with an outside agency on a complete redesign and for the next five years continued to enhance, refine, redesign and add features and funtionality. Integrated “Money2 for Health” payment system with online claims. Integrated CVS/Caremark pharmacy site. Added feature allowing users to look up benefit eligibility and out-of-pocket costs for checkups and screenings. Simplified a complex Contact Us section to route requests. Integrated our Ask Ann Virtual Assistant into the user experience. Redesigned member discounts page.
AETNA | 2013 | UX STRATEGY & DESIGN • This complete redesign introduced a new method of search for Aetna’s Docfind tool, which accounts for 80% of usage on Aetna’s secure website. Previously, users had to build search criteria with selections from drop-down menus; this new version allows text entry in an open search field (a la Google). This work also paved the way for back-end integration with Aetna’s payment estimator tool to provide out-of-pocket cost estimates for services and procedures.
AETNA | 2008 | UX STRATEGY & DESIGN •  Led UX effort on Aetna’s first-to-market Member Payment Estimator, which uses real-time claims adjudication to provide out-of-pocket estimates for health care services. I worked with a large team of stakeholders, medical professionals, data architects, and engineers to design and build this from the ground up—overcoming many IT challenges and other obstacles to create this ground-breaking product.
TEACHING CHANNEL | 2013 | UX & VISUAL DESIGN • Led UX and visual design on many new site features, including this example, which allows teachers to upload, manage, and share resources.
MEDICAL BROADCASTING COMPANY | 2003 | UI/UX & VISUAL DESIGN • Led design for AstraZeneca’s CRESTOR consumer website, Cholesterol Management Center, QuickTrack connected desktop application, and website for CRESTOR Suite Success customer retention program.

Print & Visual Design

TEACHING CHANNEL | 2011-2017 | VISUAL DESIGN • Samples from the 100+ social media marketing graphics I've designed for Teaching Channel.
TEACHING CHANNEL | 2011-2017 | PRINT DESIGN • Samples of print design work I've done for Teaching Channel over the years.
TEACHING CHANNEL | 2016 | UX & VISUAL DESIGN • Samples of newsletter templates (and reusable assets), as well as the subscription form, which required log in or account creation.

“…what I find myself truly struck by is the courage it takes to choose simplicity... To actually decide what is worth it and what is not, to be confident enough, and to trust enough that we are choosing the wisest course of action.”

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